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Montreal's Dog Trainer
The Good Shepherd 

Happy Dog

Unleash the Potential, Unleash the Joy – Where Dogs and Owners Learn Together! 

At The Good Shepherd Academy, our goal is to provide a positive dog training experience for you and your canine friend. Through positive reinforcement techniques, we aim to nurture well-behaved, confident, and happy tails!  Ultimately, creating a long-lasting bond between you and your best friend.

Tailored Private Training in Montreal

We solely provide Private Training. By focusing on your canine friend's uniqueness, we will create a personalized and enriching training experience, setting you both up for success. The Good Shepherd Academy is your partner in providing the hands-on guidance, education, and resources essential for developing a harmonious relationship with your dog.

Your Dog is Speaking to You

Communication is at the heart of the human-dog relationship, and understanding your canine companion's language is crucial. Dogs communicate by their behaviors and body language. We will teach you to better understand their behavior and body cues. Our goal is to empower you with the skills to interpret and respond effectively to your dog's needs.

Dog Treats in Bowl

Initial Consultation and Evaluation

Feeling overwhelmed by your dog's challenging behaviors? Looking for assistance to manage these issues? Want your dog to perform basic obedience skills, or maybe even tricks? Visit us for a  comprehensive evaluation, where together, we will identify the most suitable training program tailored for you and your beloved dog.

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