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  • Do you require my dog to be vaccinated?
    At The Good Shepherd Academy, safety is paramount; thus, your dog must have up-to-date vaccinations.
  • Can you train my dog at my home?
    Yes, I would be happy to train your pet at your home. Nevertheless, please take note that each location has its advantages and considerations for dog training. Training at the trainer's locale offers a more controlled environment where your dog may be more focused and will adopt the newly learned behaviour(s) more quickly. Training at the client's home allows for personalized training in the dog's familiar surroundings where they may feel more at ease. A nearby park provides real-world scenarios for training while learning new behaviour(s).
  • Can I take additional session(s) once I have completed my package?
    Yes, once your training package is complete, if you desire additional sessions, you can choose from the 3 available packages: Smiley Package, Happy Tails Package or “Pay as You Go” Package. Whatever package suits you best!
  • Can I shadow you during training?
    Yes. We encourage you to take an active role and learn directly alongside our trainer during your dog's training sessions. This would be a wonderful experience for you both.
  • How will you share my dog’s progress with me?
    This is an important part of your dog’s success. We will communicate progress verbally throughout the training sessions. We will discuss how your dog is responding to the training. In addition, we will provide you with specific techniques to continue practicing with your dog between sessions. This will help solidify the desired skills/behaviours. Dogs learn through repetition and routine. This is where you play an integral part in their success. We will also provide comments by email.
  • This is my first pet and/or first training experience, what can I expect?
    First, we are committed to fostering a relationship of trust between your dog and our trainer. Once that is established, we will then focus on using positive reinforcement training techniques to help your pet more easily adopt new desired skills/behaviour(s). Depending on your dog’s progress during each session, we will end the session with a brain game. After all, your furry friend will have earned some time to have some fun!
  • Where do you offer private training services?
    The Good Shepherd Academy is located in the east end of Montreal. See Contact section. We are pleased to service the Island of Montreal and surrounding areas, including Laval and Terrebonne.
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