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Evaluation & Consultation

  • Cost: $45 + tax

  • Location: Trainer's locale

  • Purpose:

    • Understanding client's expectations and service requirements

    • Discussion of the trainer's methods and philosophy

    • Getting acquainted with your dog

    • Determining the most suitable training program for your pet


  • Note: In order to better manage expectations and ensure a positive outcome, this session is mandatory before starting any training session/ package.

  • Payment:  Required prior to the Evaluation session (e-transfers or cash)

Private Training Services

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The following are the training services offered at The Good Shepherd Academy:
1. Basic Obedience Skills Training

Desired skills: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, Friendly Biting, Paw, Touch, Potty Training, Crate Training, and other basic commands/ skills

2. Behaviorism Training

Focuses on: Separation Anxiety, General Anxieties (Car, Vet, Loud noises, etc.), Possessive Behaviors, Excess Barking, Loose Leash Training, Jumping on People, etc.

Your Package Options


Smiley Package

  • Details: 3 Sessions (1 hr/session)

  • Cost:  $295 + tax


Happy Tails Package

  • Details:  5 Sessions (1 hr/session)

  • Cost:  $450 + tax


“Pay as You Go" Package

  • Details: Flexibility of paying for sessions as needed

  • Cost:  $115/hr. + tax

Additional Information

Session Locations

  • Trainer's locale, client's home, or nearby park (see FAQs)

  • Travel fees may be applicable

Payment Information

  • Full payment required before the start of the first session (e-transfers or cash are accepted)

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